We Are Going Through Some Changes

New Faces:

When you come into the office, you may notice some new friendly faces. We are excited about the futures for some of our staff. Marie K. has graduated from Marquette University, has moved back home to Indiana, and is looking to pursue a career as a physician assistant. Angela T. will be heading off to college at UW Stevens Point at the end of the summer to study environmental science. We will miss them both and wish them well in their pursuits.

We are fortunate to have Simone Z. join our team early in June. She brings a sweet caring attitude and carries herself professionally. We are confident that she will provide our patients with the best care and professionalism.


Contact lenses:

There is a contact lens we have been experiencing a great deal of success for patients interested in contacts for the first time or who want to improve the comfort they are experiencing with monthly and two-week modality lenses. Watch the short video by Bausch + Lomb below if you would like to learn more.