Children’s Vision Initiative

In February 2002, the Optometry Examining Board and the Medical Examining Board approved a form to be used by school districts for verification of an eye examination by an O.D. or evaluation by a M.D. The Department of Regulation and Licensing will distribute the form to school districts and charter schools to be used by students to provide evidence back to the school of an eye exam. This form lists the minimum requirements necessary to fulfill the Pre-Kindergarten eye evaluation. You can expect to see these forms before the start of school 2002.

Wisconsin’s New Children’s Vision Law
Budget Act (2001 Wisconsin Act 16)
This is the first year of the Wisconsin program intended to increase the number of eye exams for kindergarten children. The legislature passed a law in 2001 requiring all public school districts to inform parents of incoming kindergartners of the value of eye examinations. It also recommends them to seek exams from doctors of optometry or evaluations by doctors of medicine.

Because of the diligent efforts of Wisconsin Optometric Association (WOA) members, Wisconsin is the second state in the country to pass a Children’s Vision law. Once again, Wisconsin optometrists are on the leading edge of what has now become a national priority.