Diabetic Retinopathy: Leading Cause of Blindness

Dr. Kara Crumbliss, the director of Low Vision Services at The Chicago Lighthouse reports an increase in the number of patients presenting with vision loss related to diabetes. She says, “It’s the leading cause of new acquired cases of blindness in Americans between 20 and 70 years old.”

Why is there an increase in vision problems connected to diabetes? Crumbliss says that the increase in diagnoses of Type 2 Diabetes is a major factor. The increase in Type 2 Diabetes is connected to the nation’s obesity rate, which continues to rise.

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, Diabetic Retinopathy doesn’t display early noticeable symptoms. There are ways to help reduce the risk of developing these vision problems, but the most important prevention step is to have comprehensive eye exams regularly. Diabetic Retinopathy can be detected by eye care professionals using:

1 Visual acuity test
2 Dilated eye exam
3 Visual Field test
4 Retinal Imaging

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